GlowLink is a wireless system on 2.4GHz that synchronize its animations with each other using a master/slave method. They use a dynamic 'rank' system to detmine which is master or slave, the lowest number becomes master. There are reserved rank numbers for large broadcast modules such as stage lighting light shows. which will take over any and all modules within range. If a user wishes to opt out of being part of the show, they can change their address. See below for instructions.

Every time a button is pressed, that module will attempt to aquire master status, the old master may still be broadcasting for a few moments until it see's the new master and will immediatly dissengage and choose a random higher rank number. During the process, its normal for some flicking of all the slaves in the area. If the problem persists, change the address on all your GlowLink products.

As this technology is brand new, there may be unforseen bugs. Please if any issues come up, contact and let me know with as much detail as you can.
Telegram: @mBlade_Akita or any option on the contact page

Here's how to interface with your GlowLink product.

[While Running]
Button Press: Advance to the next animation and take on master roll and dissable auto advance.
Button Hold: On default animation, auto advance every 40 seconds is re-enabled (auto on on bootup)
Button Hold: On select animations can change color/speed.

[On Bootup]
Button Hold: Green bar climbing until green flashes. Address memory is set to default.
Button Hold: Let go before green flash, the address select menu of 8 white dots are shown and a single dot. Press button to move the dot, it will turn to green then blue and back to red to allow 24 address options. To accept new address, hold the button. Set all your other GlowLink LED objects to the same so they will auto sync with each other and ignore everything else. Note: Doing this will also dissable auto sync with the light show in a rave.