GlowMusic modules are re-programmable audio reactive LED controllers to be used for cosplay wearables.

- Music reactive (Detects beats at 70Hz)
- Auto music detect.
- 15 modes selectable with a press of a button.
- 25 flexable and water resistant Neopixel LEDs.

Get the source code here:
To be used with the Arduino IDE. Follow the readme.txt inside.

How to use:
[Advance the Mode]
Press button. (Once you press the button, it dissables the auto mode cycle function, to re-enable see below)

[Change color]
Hold the button on a mode that has a solid color, it will cycle all the primary hues slowly, let go at desired color and after 30 seconds, it will be saved in memory.

[Change brightness]
Hold button then power up the module. You should see 8 white LEDs light up and a green dot move foward, let go before dot reaches the end. A menu of 8 white LEDs are displayed, and the rest of the LEDs will be blue. Tap the button to advance the dot on the 8 LEDs, and the blue lights will get brighter until it returns back to the first LED. To save, just hold the button.

Same as to change brightness, If the green dot is allowed to reach the end, it resets the memory of saved mode, color, and brightness. It'll acknowledge by flashing all green.

[Re-enable auto mode cycle]
1. Do a full reset or. 2. Select the default mode (solid random colors with white dot scrolling all the way through) And Hold the button, it will go green to let you know its successful. It will auto advance every 40 seconds.