mBlade V1 Light Suit

First version in 2014 using Costco 12V LEDs. Controlled via IR remote hidden in the paw.

mBlade V2 Light Suit

Second and current version built in 2015 using WS2812b LEDs. Controlled by a Teensy 3.2 and buttons in the paws.

DaftPunk Helmets

Commissioned in 2017. These helmets were given to me, painted by the commissioner. I fit and finished them and installed and programmed the LEDs. APA102 2020 LEDs used for the fiber hair in Guy Manuel, and visor in Tommas. All other LEDs are WS2812b driven by a Teensy 3.2 and powered by a USB power bank. It has FFT processing for music reaction and a button to switch modes in the helmets.

Fureh Paws Vegas Sign

This is a big indoor only sign for a local convention, Fureh built by BCBreakaway. Its pretty basic, uses a Robodyn Nano v3 with a USB power bank. No mode selection, just animates when powered. One unique note to this build is this was my first time 'crimping' a solid LED strip to make it bend around an arc.

Gem Raptor

This suit was a collab effort between Made2Glow and DandyLions LLC. They built the suit as far as they could, send to us, and we instal LEDs and program. This suit has 533 LEDs, mostly WS2812b, some PL9823 for the feathers. Driven by a Teensy 3.2 and powered by Lifepo4 batteries. Button control in the arm and gem.

LED CatWalk

This project was for a local fashion show in 2016. Uses a RoboDyn Nano v3 and about 300 WS2812b LEDs.

LED Cloak

Commissioned by Alexi. 100% built by Made2Glow. Has 300 WS2812b 144/m LEDs driven by a Teensy 3.2 powered by Lifepo4.

LED Coon Tail

Commissioned by SubbyCoon. 100% built by Made2Glow. 36 WS2812b LEDs powered by a USB power bank.

LED Death Ball

This was intended for a off camera light source on a movie set. It was an expirement on how fast I could put together a prop. Unfortunatly 'and suprisingly' it was not bright enough for the task. 512 APA102 LEDs with 40 amps of 5v available.

LED Drum Set

100% built by Made2Glow, this set is intended for a cosplay rock band. Has 288 WS2812b LEDs driven by a Teensy 3.2. Currently it is controlled via usb on custom software that Alexi wrote, but soon to be upgraded to ArtNet.

LED Guitar

Guitar desgined by Alexi and constructed by Made2Glow. This beast has 501 WS2812b LEDs driven by a Teensy 3.2 powered by 18650 Lipos. This was made as a stand alone cosplay, or used in the LED rock band cosplay. It too will be upgraded to ArtNet in the future.

LED Lightning Back Panel

This was a refurbish job for a fursuit LED accent. It used to have 12V white LED strips that fatigured and failed. Now it has reinforced WS2812b LEDs driven by a Teensy 3.2 with audio reaction.

LED Sorting Collar

For Fureh 2017 Theme, Harry Otter. This collar was construted for the opening ceremonies. A voice actor behind stage would speak for the collar and press a button to select which house they will end up in.

LED Test Bed

This is used to test WS2812b and SPI type LEDs. I has 2 relays to shut off the data and 5v lines so the LED strip can remain connected while being soldered.

LED Wall

This project was completed with the help from friends, all LED work by Made2Glow. It measures 16 x 4 feet. Has 24 x 6 pixels. Two WS2812b LEDs per pixel. It has its own built in animations from the Teensy 3.2. Or can accept ArtNet from stage light software.

Stage Lighting

Made2Glow is getting into stage lighting and loves to build light fixtures, such as the LED wall, or other LED objects.

LED Mohawk

A LED Mohawk built for Alexi. It is a replacement for his normal mohawk.