LED Music Reactive Collars

[ Power ]
3 AAA Batteries.

[ Duration ]
8 - 10hrs

[ Sizes ]
Small: 16.5" to 20.5" (Human sized)
Large: 23" to 27" (Fursuit sized)

[ Material ]
polypropylene / Nylon webbing with plastic buckles. WS2812b LEDs 60/m IP67 Arduino Nano with a MAX9814 auto gain microphone.

[ Effects ]
18 effects selectable via a single button. System will remember effect position, color, brightness, and gain sensitivity.

[ How to buy ]
Buy from the dealers den here, https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/music-reactive-led-collar-large-fursuit-sized/179350 or contact me directly and request one. I will craft it for you and ship it as soon as I can. I accept PayPal and Etransfer
$75 USD for Small.
$80 USD for Large.
Shipping to contentinal USA $12 USD (Ships from Canada). Besure to check out my TOS before buying.
Prices are subject to change at any notice.

[ Customization ]
You can request any basic color, however there will be a extra charge of $10 if its a color I do not have in stock. Expect a long turn around time as I have to order the material.
I currently have in stock: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow.

The animations can be modified by request, changing the code will add a $10 fee. If the request is complex and requires many hours of coding I'll have to ask for more money.

The source code is available to anybody who buys my collars.

[ Version History ]
Version 1.0
October 2018
  • Code first written
  • 15 effects created.
  • Goertzel library added
Version 1.1
March, 2019
  • Tweaked brightness to save more power.
  • Modified Mode00() To change color on a beat but not to go too crazy on a humm sound.
  • Modified Mode01() To react to music faster instead of brighter.
  • Modified Mode02() To be more aggressive to music.
  • Modified Mode09() !_Music behaviour to animate better.
  • Modified Mode11() to be more music reactive. And reduced its top Sin Val level to be better fleshed out in the cycle.
Version 1.2
April, 2019
  • Added user Hue control
  • Added user Brightness control
  • Modified every mode to change its hue if user changes it.
  • Fixed flicker issue on dim animations.
Version 1.3
July, 2019
  • Added Stacker sequence
  • Added Raddom circles sequence
  • Added Circle beats sequence
  • Modified Mode11 from a solid color to police sequence.
  • Modified Mode01 to flash white instead of scroll faster on beats.
  • Added _beatmod to prototype new beat detection.
  • Modified Mode12 multiple sine waves to accept _savedhue.
  • Added falling dot on VU meter
Version 2
Jan, 2020
  • Added version display on bootup.
  • Using whole version numbers to simplify the system.
  • Added bootup pattern.
Version 3
May, 2020
  • Cleaned up Goertzel library and merged the functions into it.