LED Music Reactive Harnesses

[ Power ]
USB Power bank (not included)

[ Duration ]
Draws 300-500mAh of power. (IE: a 6000 mA power bank will last 12hrs at 500mAh power draw)

[ Sizes ]
Body Harness
Full Body Harness

Sizing depends on body dimensions, each are made to fit.

[ Material ]
Polypropylene / Nylon webbing with plastic buckles. WS2812b LEDs 30/m IP67 Arduino Nano with a MAX9814 auto gain microphone.

[ Effects ]
18 effects selectable via a single button. System will remember effect position, color, brightness, and gain sensitivity.

[ How to buy ]
Fill out the form here, https://forms.gle/wjCgpJw3Lg6WxeXE7 and contact me directly and request one. I will craft it for you and ship it as soon as I can. There is a queue so please be patient. I accept PayPal and Etransfer
$280 USD for x-harness.
$350 USD for body harness.
$400 USD for full body harness.
Shipping to contentinal USA $20 USD (Ships from Canada). Besure to check out my TOS before ordering.
Prices are subject to change at any notice.

[ Customization ]
You can request any basic color, however there will be a extra charge of $10 if its a color I do not have in stock. Expect a long turn around time as I have to order the material.
I currently have in stock: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow.

The animations can be modified by request, changing the code will add a $10 fee. If the request is complex and requires many hours of coding I'll have to ask for more money.

The source code is available to anybody who buys my collars.